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704 votes

Upvotes on questions will now be worth the same as upvotes on answers

88 votes

Open Source Advertising - Sidebar - 2H 2014

29 votes

Would it be feasible to add a regex snippet tool?

28 votes

Are questions about compiling/building third-party software off-topic for Stack Overflow?

20 votes

My question marked incorrectly as duplicate. Need community judgment

17 votes

Integrate cryptocurrency tipping

13 votes

Don't care about [gender]

11 votes

Time to take a stand

10 votes

Should we burninate [method-invocation]?

9 votes

10 Million Questions - Let's Share Some Stories That the Number Doesn't Convey

8 votes

Rust being the "the most loved programming language" is misleading

6 votes

Create the "Blockchain" tag for the "Industries" select option

3 votes

Saved tab isn't restored