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45 votes

How do I thank editors?

188 votes

Is this really what we should consider "unwelcoming"?

6 votes

How to reword my question / Where to move my question to

2 votes

Closing Questions when the question only exists due to the OP not reading the manual

54 votes

Why does this markdown not render as a list?

19 votes

Is the original author allowed to peer review an edit?

35 votes

How can we fix [stencil] vs [stencils]?

22 votes

Petition Purpose: Disclaimer in the certain Stack Overflow blog post

2 votes

Discussion. What arguments against the jargon tag can you provide?

22 votes

Is pointing out OP's accept ratio in comments inappropriate?

42 votes

When, and when not to disclose names when discussing a users actions on meta

17 votes

Why is the community so vindictive about theoretical questions?

16 votes

What kind of question do you upvote on Stack Overflow?

23 votes

Please don't delete the "thank you" comment when the OP thanks the answerer

7 votes

Is reputation earned when the reputation limit expires?

36 votes

"Don't do that" is not a constructive response

3 votes

How to get a "not clear what you're asking" question unheld after edit

9 votes

Why is adding tags limited to X posts at a time?

-14 votes

Community rejected edits displayed as "rejected" is misleading

80 votes

Is it okay if I give an upvote to all the answers of my question?

5 votes

Upvote or downvote? Guideline is somewhat confusing

28 votes

Why is this question not a duplicate?

21 votes

How to handle persistent bullying

9 votes

Edits should have auto-saved drafts

27 votes

Make downvote button on meta disappear

-12 votes

Delete unanswered question, even though valid, but no longer a blocker

54 votes

2018 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

14 votes

Is there still a "penalty box" on SO?

2 votes

Can't add the `r` tag to "Tech I want to work with" on my jobs page

2 votes

Are attempts to answer a non-programming question NAA?

3 4 5