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Greetings from specimen number [0x270480]💾

Hi There Stranger(s)!

How Did You End Up HERE?!
Well, I got my first computer, a Commodore C64, and so, I've been hooked ever since. For the love of BASIC for crying out loud...😎
Computer and software architecture still manages to fascinate me to this day!
Dart & Flutter interests me these days.
Doing the "demanding" Systems Programming in Rust and sharing most front / middle layer codebase between almost any viable platform and form-factor, including the UI for like web, mobile / tablets, iOS, Android, iPadOS, Windows PC's, Infotainment-systems in cars... Golden age, it is indeed golden!

I'm old, so I've worked both full-time, corporate and as a consultant, using languages like .Net/C#, Python, C and C++ and various "relevant" technologies at the time.
While I started my career in the IT industry back in 1996 as a Network Administrator with focus on the network-technical side of things, back in 2012, I made the decision to focus on working primarily in Information Security as a Security Consultant and as an iwnstructor for TCP/IP and general Networking* at a course center & Prometric Test Center facility in Oslo, Norway. In 2012 I again switched careers to concentrate full-time on Software Development and Engineering.

People see me as a hard-core learning addict. I need to learn something new every day (no exceptions). I'm usually never found without 2+ books close by.

The last 30 years or so in various parts of the IT industry has given me fairly broad experience, but some topics are drilled deeper into the cortex than others.I hope to contribute to the Stack Exchange Networks in a positive way!

"Silence!" Oh, sorry... bye! 😎🖐️
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