Vikas Arora

  1. Who Am I?

    • Programmer
  2. What tools I use at work?


    • Current Job - Angular, Typescript, Vanilla JS, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3.
    • Previous Job - PHP, Python, Node.JS.


    • I have a custom PC at Home and I keep upgrading it periodically with latest and greatest hardware.
  3. What at I do at home as a Programmer?

    • I like making games and love 3D modeling in Blender. Also, I love you Blender.
  4. My Hobbies

    • I am a Household Photographer, Loves to play games and read a lot about Computers and related stuff.
    • I love ColdPlay, Maroon5, Linkin Park and any music that suites my ears and get me going. I listen to http://musicforprogramming.net/ while programming.
  5. I don't do any freelancing job but if you want to chat, I am available on Facebook, Twitter.

If you have completely read my bio, comment on any of my answer with the word "Potato"

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