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34 votes

Should flair provide HTTPS links by default?

13 votes

Why don't people sign up and contribute?

13 votes

What can we do to encourage downvoting?

10 votes

Trying to delete my incorrect accepted answer

9 votes

What does our long term community need? What does our long term community need to feel valued?

8 votes

Can we delete "Setting up a git repo on my GoDaddy hosting plan"?

6 votes

What makes you improve this site so much?

6 votes

How do you incorporate contributing to Stack Overflow into your schedule?

5 votes

Is a question that asks "for a word that means ..." on topic for Stack Overflow?

4 votes

Is it OK to edit someone else's question or answer when the choice of accepted answer otherwise contradicts the question?

3 votes

Stack Snippets console output

0 votes

Discouraging questioners from posting data in table form for questions on R/SQL

-5 votes

Should we discourage the use of <h1>/<h2> at the very start of an answer?

-7 votes

It's time to reward the duplicate finders

-14 votes

When is it permissible to update other people's answers for Python 3?