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Waris Shams
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I have over 8 years Strong hands-on experience in leading and implementing development of application for iOS. In addition, strong interpersonal skills to execute projects from concept level to actual Development, Designing, Testing, Deployment and Documentation. Moreover, very comfortable working in both as individual and in team, making my contribution to different sizes of projects as well as a dedicated team player with very good technical knowledge, organisational, interpersonal, analytical, and problem-solving skills.

On a personal level, working to broaden my reach of all existing technologies available. I strive to learn spontaneously and to face challenges programmatically with enthusiasm. My focus is on all those projects which improves the live and vision of people within our community through education, convenience, and innovation. ​ In Addition, have a good time management skills that allows me to be on top of my work at all the times. In addition to this, I am constantly reflecting on my skills to upgrade my knowledge on the latest developments in the world of iOS.

I am a very organized and dedicated person towards my work. I well aware of my deadlines with the projects that I am allocated to. I am a hardworking person who usually is working on a number different projects at times with an excellent time management.

Professional Attributes

Accurate and Analytical while writing code. Calm and Cooperative when involve with team members. Dedicated and Determined about career. Capable and Confident when dealing clients. Flexible and People-oriented at work place. Energetic and Motivated about work. Productive and Resourceful for company.

Expertise in the following areas of iOS Application Development

01- Strong OOP and OOAD concepts

02- ObjectiveC/ Swift 5.x

03- Xcode 12.x and iOS 14.x

04- Auto Layout and Adaptive Layout

05- Handle Web Services using JSON Parser

06- NSXML Parser and TouchXML

07- Web Services using JSON, SOAP, JSON Parser, NSXML Parser and TouchXML

08- Core Data and SQLite

09- Core Location

10- Google API for Analytics.

11- Social Websites integration, Twiter and Facebok using oauth 1.0 oauth 2.0.

12- AVFoundation

13- MPMoviePlayerController

14- InApp Purchase

15- Apple Push Notifications.

16- Core Animation

17- Core Graphics

18- Extensions

19- Provisioning Profiles Certificated handling.

20- QuickBlox

21- XMPPFramework

22- Realm

23- Firebase

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