Me: Software Engineer, former Applications Manager, occasional Computer Science Instructor.
Past life: Database Administrator, Analyst/Programmer, System Administrator.

Areas Worked: Telecommunications, Electric Utility, Software Development House, University, Independent Consulting, and State Government.

  • AppleSoft BASIC and Apple Assembly: lots of it eons ago
  • Pascal: long long ago in galaxy far far away
  • COBOL: long ago
  • C: lots but its been a while
  • Ksh, Bash: occasionally for many many years
  • Python/ Zope: a couple years but its been a while
  • Java/ J2EE/ JPA/ JSF: lots
  • SQL: tons
  • CVS: several years, but I'll be exploring GIT soon.
  • Style: Domain Driven, OO, PLA
  • Tabs or Spaces: Spaces
  • VI or Emacs: VIM
  • Dogs or Cats: Cats
Interests & Anti-Interests
  • Fun: Architecture, Design, PLA/SPL, Strategy, Speculation
  • Also Fun: Algorithms, Parsing, Code Generation, Expression Handling
  • Not Fun: Relearning menu navigation and dealing with incompatible file formats after upgrading to newer release of desktop software.
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