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Do we really need to reinvent the [wheel]?
103 votes

Do we really need to reinvent the wheel? No, we need to burninate it!

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Should I try to clean up? OP adds summaries of answers and eventually self-answers
19 votes

The question gets bigger and bigger and this leads to no good. Should I try to clean up the question? If you wish, it would be nice. and if so how? Roll-back (from the edit section) to a ...

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Couldn't find active user in search, a bug maybe?
Accepted answer
18 votes

The search engine treats: Edgar Rokyan differently from: Edgar Rokyan The latter has one space, and not two as the user's name...

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I'm resigning as a Stack Overflow community elected moderator
17 votes

After the An apology to our community, and next steps post, I thought that the tide was changing after a long time. The resignation of such a Colossal moderator alerted me, and I'd like to let you ...

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Topic suggestions: What else should we ask developers?
16 votes

How do they sit? Since our job is in front of a computer (when we are not around with robots), it is critical to sit correctly. However that would be hard to ask.

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I became a trusted user, I got a non-working button as a prize? :)
Accepted answer
13 votes

It seems that the system got confused from my 20k rep and the new privileges I was given w.r.t. to the wiki tags and the fact that I had probably reached the daily limit on editing the tag wiki. ...

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Why is this question closed as "unclear what you are asking"?
3 votes

Unclear not, too broad² for sure. I would vote to close and prompt him/her to the Theoretical Computer Science or maybe the Computer Science of Stack Exchange.

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Do we have any statistics on the number of questions that are abandoned during writing?
Accepted answer
2 votes

We shouldn't. If we had, one thing would be for sure; they would be heavily based on speculation(s), making them unreliable. I am telling that via my own experience. There are many times I have ...

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