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17 votes

Should I broaden a question where the answers are broader than the question?

-5 votes

What could I have done better so that my question was not closed and I would have got positive response?

10 votes

Is "don't use GOTO because it's bad practice" a valid answer to "how to use GOTO to implement a while loop"?

9 votes

Is it valid to knowingly repost an existing (fixed) bug report as a question on Stack Overflow?

0 votes

Should I add an answer or ask a new question on related subject?

1 vote

Auto-comment close votes for all close reasons

1 vote

Stack Overflow is migrating to CommonMark on Saturday, June 20, 2020

8 votes

If someone keeps downvoting my old answers can I be answer banned?

0 votes

Is sharing credentials and providing access to the system allowed/is a good practise?

1 vote

Current location on job matches page is wrong

7 votes

Do you have to be an expert to post an answer?

18 votes

Canonical, language-agnostic question for if(var != "x" || var != "y" ...)