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I am a software engineer who strongly believes that there is plenty of room to improve himself. Working with people that are really smart and top professionals in their sector is one way to achieve that. Additionally to this I am trying to follow technology trends and latest software development practices by reading technical books and technology related blogs.

I definitely enjoy working in software development sector as it is evolving constantly and quite fast. As a result I have the opportunity to influence this evolution by bringing new ideas into the field and try to apply them. Moreover, I feel really satisfied by giving simple but elegant solutions to complex problems.

Since I started my professional career I have been working with Microsoft technologies and mostly in enterprise web applications. On the other hand I am always open to new challenges and opportunities to explore different applications and technology stacks. For that reason the past year I am mostly working as JavaScript developer on React.js application.

My passion is the proper design of the software before even write a line of code. Especially, I am a huge fun of Object Oriented design but during the last months I am also trying to get more familiar with functional programming paradigm. Furthermore, application life cycle management in an agile environment is a big challenge and a quite interesting sector.

At last I strive to be an active member in the developers’ community, as I strongly believe that is one of the best ways to gain valuable information and help my colleagues in sectors I am experienced in. As a result I am participating in local meetups and international conferences and I am also occasional speaker in some of them.

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