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3 votes

Better "Close Question" workflow for non-programming questions

1 vote

CEO's 2020 Kickoff Blog: Where do you see Stack Overflow going?

16 votes

Cross-site duplication marking

-37 votes

Why is Stack Overflow's disclosure of email addresses to Amazon a big deal?

53 votes

A New Silver Badge That Robots Simply Can't Win

1 vote

Where should we ask for code explanations?

25 votes

What can we do in response to scripts that purport to uncover who downvoted posts?

2 votes

How about splitting Stack Overflow into two sites, one for reference, the other for debugging?

5 votes

Should the editor of a flagged (link-only) answer get the reputation from upvotes?

8 votes

How to ask a question about code in an answer?

5 votes

What is the best way to google for problems involving actual stack overflow without false positives caused by

-4 votes

Can a question regarding driver validation on Windows 10 version 1607 be posted on Stack Overflow?

3 votes

Frustration with Stack Overflow user decision to mark "Duplicate"

43 votes

Should I encourage people to use the localized versions of SO?

22 votes

How to treat bad English sentence syntax and typo hell?

115 votes

Fluent in Spanish? We're hiring a Community Manager for a Spanish Stack Overflow

30 votes

Should we discourage leading +/-1 on comments?

2 votes

Should an answer link to live code?

0 votes

Do subsequent question-bans make escaping the Void harder?

-2 votes

Is there a preferred method of notifying moderators of posts when nothing is wrong?

3 votes

How to deal with dangerous answers

14 votes

Are questions on prices or support of developer services on topic?

18 votes

Spanish Stack Overflow: how to deal with cross-site duplicates

13 votes

What is wrong with this question about asking for the proper HTML tag for a given type of content?

19 votes

How can we make sure that new posters know that they should remain available over the next 30-60 mins after posting?

3 votes

What is the recommended way to fix line break issues in posts?

7 votes

Is it OK to downvote or close new users' first questions?

5 votes

Is it OK to ask your friends to upvote your posts?