I am a Full Stack web developer and software engineer, i have worked on so many projects and have come to realize that you cant solve problems on your own. Stack Overflow is where i respond to various problems covering the different spheres of software engineering.

I do a log of WEB2.0/javascript programming - AngularJS, NodeJS, React.js, Typescript, Jquery to produce high end applications. and for the backend i rely strictly on Laravel/CodeIgniter/Yii-PHP and Phyton/Django with mysql/Postgre on the backend. i am also very good in CSS3 scripting and as an artist i ensure that i get what i want the way i want and fully functional as expected.

Afterall, there's no point being being a very preety girl and not being able to speak fluent english... A great frontend is good marketing, but a badass-functional backend is good business, the combination of both is everything and thats what we come in.

Business Intelligence is everything.