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I have a BS in Math/Computer Science and wrote my first program in 1972, which makes me an ofishul "old fart".

I spent 10+ years programming with Borland C++, mostly doing embedded "soft" real-time systems for machine control. One app I built in the early 90's for a client was one of the first GPS-driven real-time moving-map displays that ran on a mobile device -- a 25MHz Intel 386 CPU. It updated the screen once per second. That was 5+ years before anybody ever heard of Garmin or Magellan.

I started working with Delphi when it was first released and have been working with it ever since.

Using Delphi, I've worked on lots of vanilla business apps, database apps, client/server apps, and even the front-end portions of some n-tier apps. I spent 4 years working on apps used by researchers world-wide in the field of comparative genomics, which involved writing a HUGE number of parsers to import an ungodly variety of data files; it also involved optimizing code that did string searches and edits on multi-megabyte files that were just one long array of combinations of ACGT or 3-letter amino acid codes.

Other experience includes: image analysis and enhancement; maintaining data with current (real-time) data (weather maps and NWS text); GIS mapping; data compression (2 patents in that area); audio and video codecs.

I'm very skilled at the architectural and analysis/design levels.

I'm also fluent in *nix, and prefer to do my Windows development work on a Mac. :)

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