I'm a professional software developer for ~25 years. Did code on all kinds of platforms (NeXTstep, Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS) in all kinds of languages (Objective-C, TCL, Guile, Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, Swift, ...).

Running my own company: ZeeZide, been at Apple, ZideOne, Brainstorm and Skyrix before. Got an interesting project that fits my profile? Drop me a line! ZeeZide's primary product is Shrugs.app 🤷‍♀️ a native macOS client for Slack.

Alongside I blog (mostly about Swift) at the Always Right Institute: SwiftWebUI, µTutorial on SwiftNIO, @dynamicCallable part1, part2, part3, Chat w/ your Raspi, Direct2SwiftUI and more. Tweeting at @helje5, homepage.

Making FOSS since like forever. Early work I'm responsible for: ScalableOGo, OpenGroupware.org, SOPE and GTKKit (also worked on libFoundation, GCC libobjc and GNUstep, and Internet standards like CalDAV and CardDAV).

Since it was released I've primarily worked on Swift projects. I tend to create GitHub organizations for larger projects: SwiftBlocksUI, Macro.swift, SwiftWebUI, Direct to Swift, SPMDestinations, mod_swift, ZeeQL, PL/Swift, Noze.IO, SwiftObjects, SwiftyLinkerKit, …

My own favorites: Macro.swift (Node.js style Server Side Swift), SwiftNIO IRC Server (chat server, w/ Web frontend, SwiftUI client and Eliza), Direct to Swift (rule driven SwiftUI database apps) and UXKit (UIKit and AppKit apps from a single source).

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