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Dave Thieben
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I am a senior software engineer seeking an architect or lead development position. I value SOLID principles, clean code, the Extreme Programming philosophy and continuous improvement. I enjoy solving problems through software systems, using new technologies, improving software quality, and finding others smarter than me.

I graduated from the University of Dayton in 2001 with a BS in Computer Science and have built primarily enterprise web applications since. In 2004 I started a project using C# on the .NET Framework v1.0, and since then have focused on the full Microsoft web stack including ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, and now ASP.NET Core. I have been full stack during the entirety of my career, from my first HTML and CSS in 1997, from Access databases to high availability, clustered MS SQL Servers, from hacking JavaScript in Notepad to AngularJS, TypeScript, and React Native. I have either worked for small companies or those with little developer support, so DevOps has always been a part of my job, even before we knew that was a thing.

On my first project in 2004, I implemented a continuous integration (CI) environment. After seeing how beneficial it was, I have always used CI to automate builds and deployments and to monitor code quality. I place a lot of value on the human side of development, believing in a strong emphasis on developer training and mentoring, design and code peer reviews, and established retrospectives. I am driven to build software because I love to solve complex technical problems and learn new technologies. I like watching my code run and function, and get a great deal of pride from building something cool and productive.

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