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I have decided to move to Codidact, which focuses on the community and intends to be a non-profit organisation.

Trying to be a friendly Stack Overflowian :)

Some facts:

  • I like oppihs.
  • I like coding, but not as much as the oppihs.
  • I joined here on Thursday, April 27th 2023. (That's the early-2020s, fun fact!)
  • I'm an occasional code golfer.
  • I know that text (like the "er") not being inside a link is an eyesore.
  • I sometimes use emojis and smiley faces. Why not? 🙂
  • I know that rep points don't reflect our true reputation (and are merely internet points designed to make us "addicted" (remember, Stack Exchange is a for-profit company)), so I don't really care about them. I'm here for fun, learning, and helping, not for points.
  • I mainly use my Codidact account now (see below), and will be much less active here (except for Puzzling SE).

About the new voting button design...

I think it's not good, and would much prefer the old buttons. The post is gaining many downvotes as I'm typing this, fun fact. (May 30th, 2023)

Sure, it's just a design change, but the fact it has a score of -251 (as I'm typing this) implies they don't care about what we think.

While it probably will, I hope this doesn't end up like the YouTube dislike count situation where people overwhelmingly disagree, but are forced to accept anyway.

Yes, perhaps we have extensions or tools to keep the old update – but that absolutely does not change how they treat our community.

Also, this is not the only change. This post also shows how they just downright ignore many people. Maybe even more of these posts will show up later.


Do I want to contribute to a company who loudly ignores its community? NO, and I don't think you should either. Because of that, I will leave if they insist on silencing our opinions.

That's not a threat – Stack Exchange doesn't care that hundreds of people disagree with the new design, so why'd they lift a finger if some people leave the site?

Anyway, I do not want to contribute to a company that treats its users like this. I'd much rather choose one that actually listens to us (especially non-profit organizations).

Have I left yet? No, but I'll definitely make up my mind somewhere in June 2023. We'll see whether they keep insisting on silencing us...

Update (June 14th, 2023): even with a score of -538, they stand true to their decisions. Hence, I'm leaving the Stack Exchange network (except Puzzling SE for now).

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