Chris Hayes

I am..

Engineer, Reality Interactive

Not an active contributor on stackoverflow.com, but an active user.

I enjoy

coding (obv), iced coffee, violin, astronomy, drawing, and anything interesting. Most of my learning comes from Medium, pocasts, books (physical, Kindle), documentaries, and of course SO.


I currently primarily work with HTML/CSS/SASS, NodeJS, Vue.JS, Angular (6+), and Electron.

I have previous experience with Java, Python, C++, .NET/C#, Lua, and VBA.


Main editor: VSCode (with Vim emulator plugin) Vim when not using VSCode.

My history with programming:

I'm largely self-taught, I began with DarkBasic in 2008. Briefly experimented with Alice. Moved to C++ thanks to Bucky's tutorials at thenewboston.com and Java with the help Liang's great comprehensive textbook throughout middle school. In high school experimented with DirectX, OpenGL, WebGL, and OpenGL ES (web). Learned VB.NET, VBA, Lua, and began to build websites while learning JS. In college solidified understanding of C, C++, Java and CS concepts. Really got to know Linux in bash in college, introduced to Python. Programming contests and research gave me experience with Bootstrap, C++, cluster programming. Developed an interest in astronomy and rockets in college, leared about astrophysics in free time. Joined Scroll Network while in college. Worked on a MEAN+Electron application at Scroll, rebuilt the website as an Angular SSR PWA, helped architect the Socket.io backend which interfaced with WebRTC running on the client. Currently work for Reality Interactive where I primarily build and maintain frontends in the form of static webpages and SPA product configurators, as well as Electron+Vue.JS cross-platform application development.

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