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24 votes

Can I avoid being a "leech" when I am a beginner in a topic and only ask questions?

22 votes

Why does every single job in the 'Stack Overflow Jobs' section ask for a lot of experience?

17 votes

Can we do anything better about users under 13?

8 votes

Providing answers to code that is different, but more efficient than the OP's code

5 votes

How do moderators deal with users who are neurodiverse (e.g., have autism, mental problems)?

4 votes

What can we put in a question template to help people ask better questions?

4 votes

How to be helpful in the scenario: users who simply lack knowledge of domain terminology?

2 votes

Is it time to rethink the rules regarding duplicate/signpost questions?

-6 votes

Don't show job ads if I'm not interested in jobs

-11 votes

Sunsetting Documentation

-11 votes

Negative question scores should be prefixed with a − (minus sign) instead of a - (hyphen)