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18 votes

Why not move off-topic questions instead of closing?

113 votes

Deemphasise the accept mark if there's an answer the community strongly prefers?

17 votes

Empty answer in failed review audit

6 votes

Allow explanation of flags no matter the flag reason

4 votes

I deleted my old account?

21 votes

Bug: possible logic flaw in the review auditing system

87 votes

Low-rep users should not be able to ask questions

9 votes

When a moderator closes a question they misunderstand

14 votes

Make SO a better place for good!

14 votes

Incorrect/wrong duplicate question

67 votes

Self-promotion abuse detected?

53 votes

Would it be a terrible idea to split SO up into a tiered platform?

19 votes

Why can't I mention my projects as answers?

5 votes

Should we need a bot detector in review area.?

16 votes

No answer link present on question

42 votes

First Posts and Late Answers queues nearly always empty

70 votes

Stack Overflow is not yet a vast wasteland: a history of moderator tooling

8 votes

Should there be clearer usage guidance for [ios], [iphone], [cocoa-touch], [objective-c], etc?

16 votes

Why is the "Convention" badge required for moderator nominations?

16 17 18 19