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Topic suggestions for the 2016 Stack Overflow Developer Survey
7 votes

What time do you usually go to sleep on workdays? (24-hours selector) What is your average time of sleep on workdays? What is your average time of sleep during weekends? Do you take naps during ...

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Community Bulletin links should not force a new window
3 votes

I agree. Users generally have got enough knowledge in manage cards opened by clicking left and middle button. That coudn't cause any data losing, because when we are leaving page while editing we're ...

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Is there an option to display timestamps in my local timezone?
Accepted answer
2 votes

First of all, I guess chat is based on UTC like everything in The Stack Exchange Network. There is no built-in similar feature to SE, but on StackApps there is a script, which should do that - https://...

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User reputation outage?
-6 votes

No, that's normally impossible. Daily reputation limit is 200, you cannot earn more in one day - 14*200 gives 2800. So based on above, I probably think he has merged his account to other, which has ...

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Why can't we put += 1 in a comment?
-15 votes

This feature has been designed to avoid "thanks" spamming (as Shog9 said). However this is not so good an idea. If I want to spam using that kind of messages I will do that regardless of just few ...

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