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32 votes

Rename "Documentation" to "Examples"

16 votes

Declining Numbers of Women in Programming, What Can SO do to Help?

15 votes

Open Source Advertising - Sidebar - 1H 2014

13 votes

Open Source Advertising - 1H 2016

5 votes

Does Answering your question increases points on SO?

5 votes

Can you answer your own questions on Stack Overflow?

5 votes

Introducing: Channels - Q&A For Engineering Teams

3 votes

Is the "The Death of Meta Tags" finished?

3 votes

Should I improve the title of an obvious duplicate? If so, how do I make it more unique?

2 votes

It's time to quietly retire the "Not an Answer" flag

1 vote

Blacklist [dollar-sign]

1 vote

Can I improve the low-quality question by changing all the text to a new question?

0 votes

Duplicate question (but only when you know the answer)?

-1 votes

Why was "graphics designer" included as type of software developer in the 2017 Developer Survey?

-4 votes

Unable to comment as a new member - what about unclear questions?

-15 votes

Burninate request: [Luciad] tag

-22 votes

Is Stack Overflow really racist/sexist?

-27 votes

Does Stack Overflow track the effect of moderator policing?