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UPDATE: 2023 1125

In the wake of significant challenges, Toxic Karma, LLC has closed its doors after two years without securing clients. The demise was attributed to a lack of effective marketing strategies. Despite its unconventional name, Toxic Karma somehow lacked the resonance needed for business success. The situation was exacerbated by the loss of a managing partner, both in life and business—Nancy Breneman. She was not only a business partner but also the best friend and unwavering support one could ever ask for. Rest in Peace, my love.

In the aftermath, MQDB Poetry (my quill doth bleed) and coding (Mostly Powershell still) have become my sole outlets. These pursuits offer solace and a means of navigating through the tumultuous waves of life. As I navigate these uncharted waters, I am grateful for the creative expression found in poetry and the structured logic of coding.

This journey is undoubtedly challenging, but the resilience found in artistic expression and the intricacies of code provide a path forward.

Remember, Live Beautifully!

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Nancy Breneman: 10/19/67 - 06/21/23

Nancy Mae Breneman: 10/19/67 - 06/21/23 | Gone but Never Forgotten

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