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1 vote

How to handle dupes where A is closed as dup of B but I have an answer that fits A but not B?

-9 votes

Burninate [npm-start]

5 votes

Time to burninate the [phonegap] tag

7 votes

Be nice, be nice, be nice, yes, but what if the question is horrifically egregiously bad?

4 votes

Disambiguate [Token]

0 votes

Disambiguating the [ribbon] tag: Microsoft Tabs Interface or Netflix loadbalancer

6 votes

Disambiguating the [zuul] tag: API Gateway or JavaScript testing framework

11 votes

What is the meaning of ♦R?

6 votes

How can we make it easier to find non-jQuery answers

16 votes

Is editing your incorrect or incomplete answer to mirror another (correct) answer allowed?

6 votes

Let's have a "Tidy Up" button!

52 votes

Close vote superpowers for other badges in low volume tags

1 vote

Is it bad to answer "Don't do this, it is bad Android design"?