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52 votes

Close vote superpowers for other badges in low volume tags

16 votes

Is editing your incorrect or incomplete answer to mirror another (correct) answer allowed?

11 votes

What is the meaning of ♦R?

7 votes

Be nice, be nice, be nice, yes, but what if the question is horrifically egregiously bad?

6 votes

Disambiguating the [zuul] tag: API Gateway or JavaScript testing framework

6 votes

How can we make it easier to find non-jQuery answers

6 votes

Let's have a "Tidy Up" button!

5 votes

Time to burninate the [phonegap] tag

4 votes

Disambiguate [Token]

1 vote

Is it bad to answer "Don't do this, it is bad Android design"?

1 vote

How to handle dupes where A is closed as dup of B but I have an answer that fits A but not B?

0 votes

Disambiguating the [ribbon] tag: Microsoft Tabs Interface or Netflix loadbalancer

-9 votes

Burninate [npm-start]