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77 votes

Why is "Stack Overflow for Teams" sending out emails paying for reviews on a service?

42 votes

Is SO suffering from its own success?

14 votes

[dat]'s some terrible naming convention if you ask me

13 votes

Announcing "The Key™" - copy paste like you've never done before

12 votes

We no longer need to [hijack]

10 votes

Should we [gather] the strength to burninate this tag?

7 votes

Merge and synonym [r8] into [android-r8] and [d8-dexer] into [android-d8]

4 votes

Would it be useful for a tag to specify reasons why a question might get closed for community reasons?

3 votes

Suggest rename of [ink] to [rust-ink]

3 votes

Create a tag to distinguish between "MonetDB Assembly Language" and "Micro-Assembly Language"

2 votes

Clean up Java "not initialized" error questions

-3 votes

Should we burninate the [360] tag?