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455 votes

Something in my web site or project doesn't work. Can I just paste a link to it?

340 votes

Why isn't it required to provide comments/feedback for downvotes, and why are proposals suggesting this so negatively received?

197 votes

Ethical Jobs in Careers

168 votes

Why are Stack Overflow users more passionate about Stack Overflow than helping people?

155 votes

Introducing: Channels - Q&A For Engineering Teams

143 votes

We'll always endeavor to do what's right. We'll try to do It better next time

141 votes

How to give back a bounty, that I should not earn?

130 votes

I'm resigning as a Stack Overflow community elected moderator

112 votes

Psst. We're talking about you over here

108 votes

Thanks a million, Jon Skeet

107 votes

Etiquette for editing a high-rep user's question tags?

106 votes

What to do when a user asks a question about using software far past its prime?

96 votes

Can we have a "My Best Answers" section?

95 votes

Is for sale?

93 votes

How about a message to the question asker that a bounty was put on his question?

91 votes

Why is this question receiving so many downvotes?

90 votes

Let's improve Stack Overflow's "Ask a Question" page!

87 votes

Code stolen by highly upvoted, outdated answer

84 votes

Is it okay to comment plausible solutions?

81 votes

Is it poor form to make serial revisions to your own questions?

77 votes

Should low rep users be able to delete their own questions?

76 votes

The Power of Teams: A Proposed Expansion of Stack Overflow

73 votes

Stack Overflow vs Database Administrators

70 votes

Are consulting solicitations acceptable?

69 votes

Introducing: Channels - Q&A For Engineering Teams

68 votes

New Social Issue Tag

67 votes

Introducing the Developer Story

66 votes

Downvote duplicate question?

65 votes

Is it valid if one licenses their own answer at Stack Overflow?

65 votes

When is using another poster's content plagiarism?

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