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When is it ok to post an answer that requires a new R package?
9 votes

I think your approach was perfect. I prefer answers that only require one of the core/recommended packages unless the question demands it for goals of efficiency or the questioner specifically ...

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What to do when an OP asks to delete my code from my answer?
5 votes

When this happened to me (deleted good answer to good question), I simply copied the question text and reposted the question and the answer under my own name. I suppose I could have flagged it, but ...

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What if they COULD google their question in 5 seconds?
4 votes

I want to know what research the SO/SE owners/admins are doing (or considering) on creating an AI (well maybe not a real AI, mayber only a programming Eliza bolted on to the resources of SE and the ...

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Are language conversion questions on topic?
0 votes

Many times people assume ( incorrectly) the responders should be able to tell the goals just from code. There should also be a detailed explanation in natural language.

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Am I being nice when I close this question as a dupe?
-1 votes

I suppose it doesn't really answer your question, but since I cannot answer or comment on the original question due to its deletion, I'd like to put on the SO record that there is a statistically ...

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This answer has already been deleted, when attempting to flag during review
-3 votes

Agree completely with @Will. The snarky messages upon audit failures have completely turned me off on such efforts. He was addressing a new user, but that doesn't describe me. I suppose a real answer ...

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Why can't I approve suggested edits single-handedly?
-3 votes

I'm unconvinced by the accepted or upvoted questions. So let us actually do a supplemental edit on the pending edited question for Pete's sake. The edit may be fine but it needs something more. We are ...

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Should one advise on off-topic questions?
-12 votes

If the forum designers really agreed wholeheartedly with the accepted answer, they would stop applying negative rep to downvotes. So my inference regarding the desired behavior (based on the reward ...

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