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164 votes

2020 Community Moderator Election Results

143 votes

Fall 2015 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

122 votes

How can we support languages other than English in Stack Overflow's chat... And should we?

112 votes

I'm starting to get toxic. What should I do?

95 votes

What is the actual advantage in collecting hats?

90 votes

Top Navigation Update

89 votes

Why was this edit rejected?​

78 votes

Should comments that explain voting be flagged?

75 votes

Why was my custom flag declined? When should I use a custom flag?

74 votes

Is a post like 'assdddsssafffwq' spam?

73 votes

How to take action against low quality non-English content?

73 votes

2016 Stack Overflow Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

72 votes

A cause for self moderation and query on the events of 20 May '16

72 votes

2014 SO Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

64 votes

Documentation edit rejected due to it being 'too minor to accept'

61 votes

Handing back my mod diamond

58 votes

Change default bounty reason

57 votes

New users cannot edit their question?

56 votes

How should I have handled this rejected edit

56 votes

How do I upload an image of an R plot without losing its quality?

55 votes

"Come back just now to continue reviewing"?

44 votes

How do I check how close I am to win Announcer, Booster or Publicist badge?

38 votes

Raising rep by flooding the suggested edit queue

36 votes

Is it acceptable to downvote an answer because the poster of the answer asked for it to be accepted?

35 votes

What is currently being done to keep plagiarists at bay?

34 votes

“Ask a question” wizard prototype

32 votes

How to contact a user about a dead link on their profile?

32 votes

Unable to understand edits

31 votes

Fall 2015 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

30 votes

Evaluation of SOCVR's Burnination Process

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