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39 votes

How users flag in chat or react to flags is totally broken

12 votes

Question cleanup needed

5 votes

How to distinguish a question from its marked duplicates

2 votes

Why is this question a duplicate?

10 votes

Why was this question under discussion on meta.SO deleted?

4 votes

Should I downvote a feasible but not efficient answer?

4 votes

Inaccurate but highly upvoted comments

70 votes

"New contributor" should reflect main sites, not meta sites

86 votes

New Contributor Indicator! Can we make it less intrusive?

37 votes

Should a bad question by a newbie spared from being downvoted?

64 votes

Am I being too rude suggesting the OP to ask their boss for clarification and not to ask the same question twice

10 votes

What did I done wrong in my Question

12 votes

Flagging snarky comments to "Is it possible" questions

42 votes

Welcoming Formalities vs Noise-free Conciseness

7 votes

Does the new "unfriendly" flag have negative consequences for flagged users?

32 votes

A comment is unneeded and arguably unfriendly - how to flag it?

11 votes

Should we say "vandalizing" to refer to defaced content?

18 votes

Delete comments by default after 1 month

128 votes

Please don't shoot the messenger, what can I do better?

3 votes

Does "improve non functional requirement" mean: move to codereview?

9 votes

Hammering a question: shouldn't both questions have that gold tag?

6 votes

Why is '&regDataType' rendered as '®DataType' in a <pre> block?

7 votes

Adding a small title of the file/component name should be easier/mandatory

2 votes

Copies link and closes box with one keyboard shortcut

18 votes

I question the duplicate system as it is currently implemented

47 votes

Should we tolerate this kind of sexism

15 votes

Reputation does not update without the page refresh

3 votes

Confusing duplicate target for Java Boolean default value

19 votes

When searched result count is 0 are sorting tabs needed?

7 votes

Relevance fail: Canonical question with 110 votes ranked second after obscure question with one vote and less generic wording?

4 5
7 8