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13 votes

How can I add focus to my closed question?

45 votes

Is downvoting harmful and should it be removed completely?

14 votes

Can we slow down on the deletes on Meta, folks?

47 votes

What should we do when one person tries to delete every duplicate?

17 votes

I edited an answer, adding what seems to me was necessary information, but got rejected

21 votes

When is bolding considered unnecessary?

5 votes

Emailhashes are not available in Users.xml

9 votes

Referential Humour: Overuse of demonstrative pronouns and "it"

22 votes

Can gold-badge owners get the possibility to undo a bump by a revision?

2 votes

Can we have masks for Winter Bash 2020 instead of hats?

4 votes

Is placing error messages inside code blocks bad for SEO?

26 votes

Post deleted as Copy-pasta by a moderator

28 votes

What to do when a complicated question is answered with `print("Hello World")`?

9 votes

Voting on posts with a bad internet connection results in confusion

6 votes

If I change my nickname to my real name, will you start calling me "Thorn"?

3 votes

Stack Snippets Sandbox - Try It Out Here!

2 votes

Why can JavaScript execute in the browser's console but not in a Stack Overflow snippet?

35 votes

Should we edit all "Final Solution" expression usages on the site?

105 votes

Can the expression "final solution" be used on the site?

38 votes

Why is SO running a promoted tweet with scaremongering Wikipedia misinformation?

7 votes

Allow to tweak with code snippets without adding it to an answer

17 votes

Proposal for a tweak to reputation

29 votes

Was there a community requirement to have reaction feature so "instead of clicking on like, you can just say 'thanks'"?

5 votes

How can I format plain code as text without any highlighting?

1 vote

Request to reinstate and use the [c3ai-datalake] tag

7 votes

Unsolicited recommendations for alternate libraries. Not an answer?

10 votes

A questionable edit

9 votes

Maybe inactivity should be considered when handing out moderating tools

11 votes

Time to unlock this, perhaps?

2 votes

Show a notice when comment has been edited since the page was loaded

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