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8 votes

Mermaid diagrams markup extension

23 votes

Why does "people reached" use the full amount of views for late answers?

6 votes

Avoiding questions being marked as "duplicate" of completely unrelated questions?

-15 votes

How do you deal with an edit which completely changes the code of an answer?

21 votes

Idea for improving answers

36 votes

Should answers be edited to remove bad practices?

2 votes

Can missing JS files be fixed?

12 votes

Failed audit on code-only answer

12 votes

Mark as duplicate after 2.5 years

12 votes

Is the intensity of meta working in our favor or to our detriment?

7 votes

If someone answers a better answer but got the idea from another answer

26 votes

On April 1, have the "Papers, Please" music playing while we're in the review queues

5 votes

Best practices for trivial questions, with no need for answer

24 votes

Should we be able to put bounties on tag wikis?

37 votes

Off-topic chats in SO Chat Rooms

36 votes

Technology I am using has a small community

7 votes

Request to re-open a simple Verilog question

10 votes

Can I get the following author-deleted question undeleted?

1 vote

Absence of ellipsis in tag excerpts in the Tags page

25 votes

How to "suggest" an edit when you have full edit privileges?

6 votes

Image loading is intermittent on Stack Overflow questions

4 votes

Console broken in old snippets

13 votes

Why don't we lock voting on closed questions?

16 votes

How can SO detect that user has two accounts?

17 votes

How can I quit using Stack Overflow?

2 votes

How to add an empty link in question

9 votes

Is it OK to retag from akka-persistence to

41 votes

Do fast close habits comply with the Code of Conduct?

11 votes

Are we to close as dupe a question the OP had no idea he was asking?

39 votes

How users flag in chat or react to flags is totally broken

3 4
6 7