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22 votes

Is the "Meta effect" good or bad?

15 votes

A new look for the logged-out marketing homepage

27 votes

Does the community have a right to know why a moderator was banned?

6 votes

This tag paid the ultimate [price]

10 votes

Should we update the tag burnination process to include / inform the tag's top users?

27 votes

Can Stack Overflow have ChatGPT automatically generate the question titles (at least for lower-ranked members)?

153 votes

A commitment to amend and move forward

1 vote

How can I deal with questions about support of an ongoing feature?

27 votes

What factors were considered for declining AI flag on Meta?

10 votes

Request to reopen and undelete this question deleted by the Community Bot

6 votes

Consecutive visits takes time to reset

28 votes

How can I deal with a question that answers itself?

9 votes

When asking a question, tips aren't closable on small screens

45 votes

I opened two bounties and got only unhelpful answers

75 votes

How can I change my email address on Stack Overflow?

55 votes

Extraordinary burnination: turn off the [tdengine]

24 votes

Appealing a deleted answer on a "git prune" question

5 votes

Tag silently changed to tag-synonym after posting a question

1 vote

How can I receive browser notifications from Stack Overflow from changes in questions I am active in?

43 votes

Why is SO running a promoted tweet with scaremongering Wikipedia misinformation?

25 votes

Are your questions also closed immediately, either because to simple or too intricate?

7 votes

Should answers be general or specific?

14 votes

Asking questions is getting more difficult day by day

4 votes

Does this edit change the meaning of the question?

14 votes

AI policy text may be improved about machine translation tools

9 votes

Do the cookies already work while you just log in on the login screen of a Stack Exchange?

13 votes

Is SO showing too many non-question elements to newcomers arriving at question pages?

32 votes

Replace question downvotes and closure with a roomba-enabled "no community value" flag

9 votes

How should I deal with the following suggested edit?

14 votes

Improve help center documentation for what questions are "practical"

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