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50 votes

The question to "The Answer" about branch prediction turned into Community Wiki

37 votes

Flagging a post as a duplicate should cost reputation points

24 votes

Can I get un-bullied?

23 votes

Should there be experts to review disputable answers?

14 votes

Do employers via Stack Overflow Jobs take your site reputation score into account?

8 votes

Is unit testing being used at Stack Overflow?

8 votes

Are "How do I do X in C++" questions asking to recommend a library if X not covered in Standard C++?

7 votes

What to do with edits that improve crap posts - but still leave them crap?

7 votes

Shall we clean up strikethrough content from answers?

6 votes

Delete more book lists!

0 votes

Can a [C] question really be a dup of a [C++] question?

0 votes

I should be allowed to answer closed questions

-9 votes

Impose a 24 hour voting freeze on questions being discussed on Meta

-49 votes

Request for community attention on a moderator's behavior