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7 votes

Shall we clean up strikethrough content from answers?

37 votes

Flagging a post as a duplicate should cost reputation points

14 votes

Do employers via Stack Overflow Jobs take your site reputation score into account?

23 votes

Should there be experts to review disputable answers?

24 votes

Can I get un-bullied?

0 votes

I should be allowed to answer closed questions

50 votes

The question to "The Answer" about branch prediction turned into Community Wiki

8 votes

Is unit testing being used at Stack Overflow?

-49 votes

Request for community attention on a moderator's behavior

6 votes

Delete more book lists!

8 votes

Are "How do I do X in C++" questions asking to recommend a library if X not covered in Standard C++?

7 votes

What to do with edits that improve crap posts - but still leave them crap?

0 votes

Can a [C] question really be a dup of a [C++] question?

-9 votes

Impose a 24 hour voting freeze on questions being discussed on Meta