I write qode mostly for myself... out of curiosity for solving problems, understanding how things work or making (sometimes unnecessarily) complex systems to only simplify them later (once I discover alternative strategies).

For whatever reason, I like torturing myself with Bash and JavaScript (Node), but have found a growing (painful) love with Python. Having said that, I enjoy scripting languages a lot more than compiled languages, and I've coded in almost all of the major modern ones except Ruby.

I'm a secret Turing Machine/Computer Grammars/Regular Expressions nerd, and have written my own mini compilers and toy languages. I'm constantly writing command dispatchers that I later write scripting languages for; it's an addiction.

There's plenty room for me to grow and learn still; and I appreciate the wisdom of grey beards and lady wizards even if I don't always follow their sage advice.

FOSS is hella cool; cool projects are cool. Find me online if you have ideas. I'm a really bad programmer but I'll write a line or two for the betterization of the peoples.

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