Alexander Shukaev


  • Process
    A flexible cross-platform C++11 framework to manage external programs (processes) that is an alternative to Java's java.lang.Runtime and java.lang.Process, .NET's System.Diagnostics.Process, and Python's subprocess.
  • C++ Hacks
    C++98-compatible, RTTI-free, safe, portable, generic, and header-only API to access arbitrary private function and object members of classes along with compile-time introspection of class members now a reality!
  • C++ Firewall
    C++11-compatible, RTTI-free, safe, portable, generic, and header-only implementation of the Compiler Firewall Idiom (also known as Pointer to Implementation Idiom or Cheshire Cat) with out-of-the-box support for the C++11 smart pointers (std::shared_ptr and std::unique_ptr) and the Boost smart pointers (boost::shared_ptr and boost::movelib::unique_ptr).
  • CMake Helpers
    Highly configurable and feature-rich CMake framework that simplifies organization and maintenance of new C/C++ projects and provides out-of-the-box integration with popular development tools, e.g. Clang-Format, Clang-Tidy, Include What You Use, Valgrind, etc.
  • Make Scripts
    A set of robust (even paths containing spaces are fully supported) and configurable Make scripts which constitute a convenient front end to tedious project management manipulations over CMake, Git, Python Virtual Environment, and more.
  • Git Hooks
    State of the art Git hooks implemented as highly portable POSIX-compliant shell scripts.