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-21 votes

How to ask questions about complex systems without being too broad?

-24 votes

Why do I fail a review audit for correctly marking a question as a duplicate?

340 votes

The Developer Story Part 2: We didn't explain that very well

6 votes

The REST fallacy, or how to prevent opinion-based questions

-29 votes

Is it consensus that commenting should (not) lead to failing review audits?

7 votes

Burninate [cep]?

17 votes

Acceptable to answer your own question when there is already a good answer?

3 votes

Please don't just approve trivial suggested edits - rather improve the edit per the scope

-46 votes

Shouldn't there be a special badge or profile emblem for retired moderators?

3 votes

Is this site violating the TOS of Stack Overflow and/or Amazon and how to report?

6 votes

Can there be legitimate serial downvoting?

20 votes

What should we do about users who are proud to be help vampires?

5 votes

Burninate [crash]

4 votes

Do we really need [max] and [min]?

11 votes

Answering questions which ask for effort guidance, not spoon-fed solutions