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What is the standard for abbreviating variable names?
7 votes

Sometimes people are new to a language (or framework), and are just about starting to learn it. They, therefore, don't know the standard yet. Using appropriate names, such as "request" and "response"...

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Tag score is shown incorrectly in the next badge tracker section
4 votes

I have the same issue, and I have it for a long time. By debugging a bit, I noticed the outdated value comes directly in the html (it's not AJAX): In which I get: <div class="progress-bar">...

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Do we support good-faith but rudimentary questions?
-11 votes

In my own very personal opinion, stackoverflow tend to be an expert place. Rudimentary questions, as you state them, are downvoted because of that. In my experience, this is even more the case in ...

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