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58 votes

What to do if I want to ask a question that is almost identical to an old question, but with a key difference?

42 votes

Answer acceptance to count toward tag score

22 votes

Should I delete my own downvoted answer?

8 votes

Does getting "Unsung Hero" gold badge mean that you post low quality answers?

6 votes

Dissuade answers to simple typos

6 votes

What should a minimal answer contain?

5 votes

What to do with good not-examples

5 votes

Could "many comments but no answers" been seen as "question is of low quality" symptom (indication)?

2 votes

Should I answer a question I've close-voted?

2 votes

Is it OK to (self-) answer if you're only 99% sure of your answer?

-1 votes

Updating old, high voted answer as recommended code changes

-19 votes

Gamification rules have to be changed. Aiming quality, not quantity

-71 votes

Can Stack Overflow and Meta's logos be changed temporarily to the "#LoveOverflows" logo?