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-5 votes

Rule proposal: comments asking for accepts and votes shall no longer be allowed

0 votes

Does SO still send swag on reaching 100k reputation?

-6 votes

Aww, snap! We’ve got Filters now

-10 votes

Why is "primarily opinion-based" a valid close reason on Meta?

20 votes

How is the "how are we doing" survey used?

4 votes

Asker answered their own question after they already accepted an earlier answer

-16 votes

Is this comment really "not nice"?

-4 votes

What is a help vampire?

-1 votes

Most askers [ignore] the wiki for this tag

-5 votes

Rule proposal: one delete/undelete per post

5 votes

Downvotes Survey results

12 votes

Introducing Outdated Answers project

-3 votes

How should I respond to comments asking me "why do you need this" or "how does this help you"?

3 votes

Why is The Overflow promoting Universal Basic Income?

-5 votes

New SO user not agreeing with the guidelines

20 votes

Congratulations VonC for reaching a million reputation

31 votes

Downvotes Survey launching Oct 15, 2020

7 votes

A new user has just rejected an edit of his answer written in poor English

5 votes

Stop using announcement banner for blog advertising

19 votes

Is this a bad [code-design]?

4 votes

Are questions about cron topical for Stack Overflow?

37 votes

What should I do if a question has been asked and answered, but software (and answer) has changed?

5 votes

Data validation & background for the Thank You Reaction feature test

0 votes

Leaving the site and the network - mid election is not the best, but there's no point in staying

-7 votes

What can we do to encourage downvoting?

38 votes

Feature test: Thank you reaction

4 votes

Make [install] a synonym of [installation]

1 vote

What is the tag [cmakelists-options] about?

14 votes

Are we playing favorites with high-rep users self-answering off-topic questions?

5 votes

Upcoming Feature: New Question Close Experience