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142 votes

The Power of Teams: A Proposed Expansion of Stack Overflow

62 votes

Do we still need [php-5-*] tags?

54 votes

Third-party development support: hosted by Stack Overflow

46 votes

Another third party directing developers to Stack Overflow for tech support and more

45 votes

Very outdated blog post about the "new" release of ES6

41 votes

What's wrong with quoting code or code snippets in question _titles_ with Markdown 'syntax'?

34 votes

Possible Stack Overflow phishing site?

34 votes

More actively discourage third-party product support on Stack Overflow

29 votes

Developer survey 2023: Hard to understand (or wrong?) sentence. Feedback

27 votes

New home page makes it seem like SO doesn't allow free use any more

22 votes

Microsoft Azure Collective launch and proposed tag changes

21 votes

Are moderators allowed to tolerate Islamophobic posts?

20 votes

Add "magic link" for XY Problems

19 votes

Reach out to Coinbase

18 votes

Questions with links for SEO 'domain authority' from Stack Overflow

15 votes

Change the code block button from inserting indentation to triple-backticks

13 votes

How will Stack Exchange Overhaul their Q&A Format?

10 votes

Should questions about obfuscated code be off-topic?

10 votes

My question was closed because it "needs to be more focused", but it seems like a question many programmers would want to know the answer to

8 votes

Is it a good practice? Create smaller questions to answer an original question by another user

7 votes

"Burninate" footnote in MCVE page

7 votes

Add tag for [query]

5 votes

Unify [sts], [spring-tool-suite] and maybe [spring-tools-4]

5 votes

Collections: A New Feature for Collectives on Stack Overflow

5 votes

How are [links][1] supposed to appear, or is it broken?

3 votes

How do I re-ask a question without it being marked as a duplicate?

3 votes

Renaming a tab requires an explicit click on the Save button

3 votes

Canonical question for using PHP SimpleXML with namespaces

0 votes

Where shall we let the community update Xcode download locations?