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My name is Redeemer Pace, experienced in various of areas which maybe of your interest, both as employer, recruiter and perhaps an investor.

I've been working for various of companies, which has a name out there.

  • AuthenticGaming
  • KPMG (K Software)
  • Chiliz Blockchain
  • Remotely making apps, sites, games

I do specialize in various of areas such as

  • Software Engineering
  • Game Developer
  • Web Development
  • Tech Consultancy and Large-scale architecture
  • Managing team for better results
  • Business

I do also invest my time for doing my own projects, such as games, sites, blockchain, ai and various of other interesting subjects. This all is done after work and during weekends which most of my time is invested on one of the games I built during collage. Most of models weren't made by me, mostly they're bought, since it can be quite difficult and time consuming to build so many models.

My main aim was to improve my knowledge in various of areas which today I'm able to use this experience in various of companies out there. This includes not just to build the required feature or problem solving, but also earning the experience needed for large-scale architecture and understanding business matters. The game itself, the logic, the code, the game-play that is built by myself. The point of the game is not made for the profit, the earnings are mostly to cover a small percentage for services and licenses needed. Huge part of my salary does keep it alive, but the point of it, wasn't for money but for knowledge and experience in various of sections such as development, architecture, managing, design, marketing, and so on. I did also do a social network and a huge site for the game, which did shut down due of the expanses to keep it on track, yet it was a huge experience for large-scale of audience.

The game still running and you can learn more through the following link Always looking forward to learn more where I can I improve my knowledge as much as possible, to provide the company a high quality result. I can manage also to do freelance or remote working, especially during weekends or after work.

More about me? Contact me via [email protected]

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