Andras Zoltan

I RTFM to learn something new, I comment my code, I type with both hands, and I validate my arguments.

Director, Zolution Software Ltd, creator of Rezolver - a powerful extensible IOC container for .Net Core (.Net Standard 1.1), and professional software engineer since 2004.

Paying the bills

Since October 2015 I've been engaged with BUUK Infrastructure in Suffolk as a consultant senior developer. I've help develop a multiplatform, multilayered project to help manage their construction teams. I've also designed and helped roll out a new service layer abstraction architecture, use of IOC, advised and helped implement Nuget for internal dependency management, advised on Agile best practices and trained the whole team on MVVM and KnockoutJS.

Previously contracted to Willis Towers Watson for over 14 months as a senior developer in which I worked in two Agile teams on two major projects.

Prior to that, I was a Senior Developer with JobServe in the UK for 7 years. Designed and built the JobServe Android App - 'Jobs & Career Search', which uses a powerful REST API which I also developed.

Although I have been a professional developer since March 2004, I started in the mid 1980s, writing BASIC on the ZX Spectrum.

(Some) Skills

.Net, C#, SQL (MSSQL & PostgreSQL), Javascript (incl KnockoutJS, prototypal inheritance etc), C++ and passable VB & Python. ASP.Net MVC, the .Net type system and runtime, ANTLR, MSBuild, Nuget-in-the-office, and I'm a fierce bugslayer. A particular strength is finding and extracting frameworks to promote reusability.