I currently work as a Machine Learning Engineer at Silent Falcon UAS. Prior to that I was a Quant for a commodities firm, working mainly with natural gas. Before working in tech I performed academic research in forest ecology and taught Biological Statistics in the US and Canada. I also had my own statistical consulting business.

I entered Cal Poly Pomona to study general biology, ecology, and zoology. But after meeting and working with the physicist Per Bak during my MS at OU, I developed an interest in quantitative skills. Per and his wife Maya_Paczuski encouraged me to take courses in math and computer programming, which changed everything for me. My MS was an empirical test of Per's theory on self-organizing systems. Later, for my doctoral dissertation (UNM; advisers James H Brown and Andreas Wagner) I developed a graph-theoretic simulation of forest dynamics in C++.

In my youth I had a strong interest in zoology, and built a solid background in entomology and herpetology. Those skills enabled me to work through school as a consulting ecologist, mainly for Natural Resource Management agencies and private firms. As a professional ecologist, I performed field surveys on three continents. As an academic, I published research in forest ecology, operational forestry, and ecosystem modeling. See my profile on Research Gate for examples.

I view Stack Exchange as an experiment in moderated social networks. It's still working out how to do that well. At its best SE is a fountain of useful information and has saved my butt on numerous occasions as a software developer. Yet it is also plagued by pedantic moderators, anonymous policing, and other problems, which is a shame but perhaps inevitable. For example, I stopped participating on Stack Biology because of what I view as a flawed reputation model.


  • Statistics, machine learning, deep learning (neural networks)
  • Graph Theory, Linear Algebra, Complexity Theory
  • R, Python, C++, MATLAB, bash
  • ecology and zoology, esp. insects, reptiles, amphibians, and forests
  • Buddhism, meditation, living simply
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