Ramesh Murugesan

I’m a solution-focused, self-motivated, and technically competent Technology Lead and DevOps Engineer, experienced in JavaScript, Python, PHP, Web Services, REST APIs, SDLC, CMS platforms, mobile development, AWS, Azure, CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, SQL, NoSQL, and other technologies, that believes our job is about delivering values, decreasing costs, and building solutions that perform.

Matured by the knowledge gained in implementing various technical solutions as well as leading teams, I think there is no absolute right or wrong technology/stack, but the right tool for the specific job. Also, I’m willing to learn cutting-edge technologies and modern programming techniques to address technical issues and situations according to the latest trends and recommendations.

Being committed professional, highly organized, and capable to work under pressure, I believe that teams should create their own explicit yet light internal process and I’m truly eager to connect with others in a collaborative environment, where ideas start to flow and that’s always the fun part.