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Growing up I always wondered how this world works, Why does a bird fly in a flock? Why do I get hurt when I hit a wall? Can I make something do what I want it to do? I wrote my first program when most of my classmates were still thinking all a PC is good for is games. I wrote my first program asking the computer to print “HELLO WORLD” and it did. It did something I asked it to do. I felt powerful, happy, I wanted to learn more that is when I found out that the vast possibilities of things a computer can do. I learned all computers are about is Maths and physics is how our world works. I had an answer, after all, that time.

I spent all my time in school studying computer maths and physics. web series? I have been binge-watching programming tutorials for as long as I could remember I would watch a video and then try to make something of my own by mixing everything I had learned before that. Before I knew it computers were my life. I used to learn and showoff cool tricks I would learn with terminals and apps to people some would appreciate them, some would ignore but deep down I knew that this is just the beginning of my CSE carrier and now I am in an actual college pursuing an actual degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

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