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Over the past 20 years I've built all sorts of products and services. My work has allowed me to cross over industries and locations around the globe from a bank in Switzerland to remote mining sites in Western Australia and plenty in-between.

I now lead Hutchison Software which brings together a group of highly talented software contractors to build web platforms for innovative businesses.

Although no stranger to cutting code, I now find I'm often involved in projects as the Software Architect where I focus on overall vision and technology decisions.

Hutchison Software typically builds highly available and scalable web applications and cloud APIs. These software applications are generally built with HTML5, Javascript/React, CSS/JSS, NodeJS, AWS DynamoDB/S3/Cloudfront.

Project delivery and team integration comes with the territory, I believe continuous delivery is key in the evolving environment of the internet. So an infinite mindset is critical to delivering value to the customer.

I love the StackOverflow community, so when I have my Artist or Operator hat on I try to contribute here as often as I can.

I recommend that all business owners or C level employees reading this should get a copy of, and read the book "The Road Less Stupid" by Keith J. Cunningham.

Additionally, if you haven't read or listened to Simon Sinek then I highly recommend you checkout his talks on Infinite mindsets and game theory.

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