K Scandrett

Avid marathon runner and an improving jazz pianist.

When coding I favour the languages of C# and JavaScript: C# for its type-safety and JavaScript for lack of type-safety. I'm sure Carl Jung would have something to say about that.

When not gallantly fighting bronze bull statues in New York I work as a developer for hire: k_scandrett [shift 2 on the keyboard] yahoo [circle with a radius of 1] followed by an abbreviation of "company".

Hobbies include traveling, thinking about code on training runs, & giving scalding looks to cars that fail to stop at pedestrian crossings.

I don't eat aquatic life; just don't like the taste. I will make an exception for chocolate fish.

Oh... and since I'm a Kiwi, I spell favour as "favour", centre as "centre", and colour, as... well... I'm sure you get the idea. In code, however, I typically use American spelling.

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