Stefan Gabos

Hello! I am Stefan Gabos, a 38 year old web developer working from Bucharest, Romania.

I started coding when I was around 14 and I am extremely passionate about it. I started coding in BASIC and then went on with Assembler and Turbo Pascal. In 1997 I started developing commercial applications using Microsoft Access. Since 2001 I’m developing exclusively for the web and never looked back to “traditional” coding ever since.

I am a perfectionist and a control freak and that is why I usually do all the work in a project except the actual graphic design. I have 10 years of experience using PHP and MySQL. I have 6 years of experience using MooTools but of recently I switched to jQuery due to its popularity (but still, MooTools kicks jQuery’s ass). Also, I have 10 years of experience with HTML/CSS. I am into web site performance optimization (both server- and client-side) and also a “best practices” evangelist.

In my work I rely heavily on the open source projects that I work on at http://stefangabos.ro/ and my own MVC-based micro PHP framework.

I can’t copy & paste other’s code. I am coder: I code.

When I am not working I enjoy playing the guitar, sleeping, cooking, watching Formula One or a good movie.

When working, I listen to massive amounts of music – alternative rock, in general.

I am currently head of developers at Kubis Interactive – a results and client oriented U.S.-owned web agency with a Global presence, including branches in USA, South America, and Romania, with the ability to develop and implement measurable creative ideas, concepts, and strategies.

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