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140 votes

Are error messages required to be posted in English?

114 votes

Should I explain other people's code-only answers?

107 votes

Tag removals must be discussed and documented on Meta

100 votes

Don't give me reputation points for making an edit to a Documentation topic

84 votes

Outdated Answers: results from use-case survey

77 votes

People MUST be rewarded with reputation for finding duplicates

69 votes

Introducing Outdated Answers project

52 votes

If images are blocked for me, should I Skip or Delete image-only answers?

48 votes

Review audit failed after just clicking "add comment"

45 votes

An account of my meeting with the Stack Overflow management team

42 votes

Is asking the community to find (not recommend) an off-site resource allowed?

40 votes

Upvotes on questions will now be worth the same as upvotes on answers

40 votes

Should we allow voting to change the close vote reason of a question?

40 votes

Select All / Copy All Button for Code

37 votes

What should I do with legitimate questions that can't be answered?

34 votes

A/B testing of a "Trending" sort option for answers

32 votes

Town hall - Collectives™ on Stack Overflow

32 votes

Feedback on the blog post: Is this the actual mission and goal of Stack Overflow now?

32 votes

Should SO Documentation be used for documenting file formats?

31 votes

Is Documentation failing?

29 votes

Documentation Reputation Update Is Live

29 votes

What has happened to lead moderators to consider striking?

28 votes

The user research behind Collectives™ on Stack Overflow

26 votes

CEO's 2020 Kickoff Blog: Where do you see Stack Overflow going?

24 votes

Beta release of Collectives™ on Stack Overflow

24 votes

What option should I choose when a question is improved before I choose an option

24 votes

Results of the Trending sort experiment

24 votes

Rethinking Moderator Candidate Score for SO

23 votes

Stack Overflow licensing and scientific publication

23 votes

Feature test: Thank you reaction

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